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LOCKHESSEN Lubricating Oil is a well-known technical and formula type enterprise in the UK.

LOCKHESSEN Lubricating Oil manufactures and supplies a series of lubricating oil and related supporting auxiliary products for automobile manufacturers, industrial equipment and agricultural machinery.

LOCKHESSEN Lubricating Oil is devoted to R&D, manufacturing, direct sales and overall quality management system supported by providing customers with technical guidance.

LOCKHESSEN Lubricating Oil has the first-rate innovative technologies and top-level R&D team, advanced blending technologies, modern laboratories and whole set of international first-rate precise instrument. LOCKHESSEN meets higher-quality lubrication product demands for the global vehicles and equipment, and provides different customers with safe, professional and convenient technical service support and lubrication solutions.

LOCKHESSEN’s products R&D is always at the cutting edge of lubricating oil industry technology! LOCKHESSEN has formed a series of comprehensive high-quality products by predicting and surpassing the demands of lubricating oil market.


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