Headquartered in London, UK in R&D, LOCKHESSEN manufactures and sells products worldwide, provides safety technology formulas for and shares the latest scientific research results with manufacturers and subpackagers in various countries.

As the UK's top lubricating oil research and development manufacturer, LOCKHESSEN will be upgraded and guaranteed in the future. LOCKHESSEN is confident in the development of its products and terminal customer service, and committed to sustainable product development and innovation programs. To ensure that all manufacturers, subpackagers and users on the current and future lubricating oil markets have access to the most advanced and safest lubricating oil products.

LOCKHESSEN's strategic objectives: :

1) Increasing the market share and enhancing the company image and brand reputation.
2) Strengthening the development of the enterprise through the export market and technologies, scale and growth of formula output.
3) The greater use amount means the higher value to the customer.
4) Strengthening the overall management expertise, technical guidance, and increasing the marketing budget and investment.
5) Upgrading the technical specifications of the product and continuously increasing the product category.
6) Improving the technical content and strengthening product development, inspection equipment update and sales market support.