Providing the fluid analysis report and diagnosis services

Cars, road transport, construction machinery, mining, agriculture, industrial equipment, ships, electric power.

What is fluid inspection:

Scientific fluid inspection analysis means the complete fluid analysis procedure for monitoring all types of fluid lubrication systems to establish the leading market of LOCKHESSEN lubricating oil.

If the operation loss and related costs are caused by mechanical failure, sometimes it can reach several thousand or tens of thousands GBP per hour, so it is so important to find the mechanical failure to reduce the loss in advance through the fluid inspection! Every piece of vehicle and equipment is a valuable asset investment for the company. Thus, it is critical to maintain the long-term operation of fluid inspection.

A rigorous inspection process will avoid economic losses and will allow you to complete production tasks and orders on time.

Imagine what damage will be caused to your enterprise and your customers’ confidence if your enterprise cannot provide services or products suddenly due to equipment failure. Therefore, the necessary inspection process can avoid or reduce corporate losses.

The purpose of the inspection is to help you fully understand the states of the vehicles, equipment, and machines in operation by reducing downtime beyond the planned schedule, extending the oil change period, and testing the potential future failures.