ATF 6600

Automatic Transmission Fluid 自动变速箱油

It is a type of high-quality automatic transmission fluid. With the excellent performance, it meets the requirements of GM DEXRON III certification, and blended with high-purity synthetic and solvent refined base oil and special additive to provide the correct friction quality required by modern automatic transmission. It has the excellent shake-resistance in the latest transmissions, and also has the excellent oxidation resistance to ensure longer oil change period and efficient and stable lubrication viscosity. It is the latest automatic transmission fluid.
是一种高品质的自动变速器油液。优异性能可满足GM DEXRON III认证的要求,采用高纯度合成和溶剂精制的基础油和特殊添加剂配制而成,以提供现代自动变速器所需的正确摩擦质量。在最新的变速器中具有出色的抗抖动性能,同时具有优异的抗氧化性能保证更长的换油周期和提供高效稳定的润滑粘度。是最新一代自动变速器油液。
Executive standards: Q/TEBOIL 003-2019
Automatic transmissions of cars and cargo trucks such as GM Dexron III  IIIH IIIG, Allison C-4, MB 236.1/ 236.2/236.3/236.5/236.6/236.7/236. 9, ZF TE-ML09, 11A , 11B, Chrysler ATF +, +2, +3, +4, Honda ATF Z-1 Toyota D-II/D-III, T-III/T-IV Nissan Matic C, D, J Hyundai/kia SP-III 等轿车及载重汽车的自动变速箱。
It is mostly applicable to the planetary gear AT with speed grades 3-6
Please refer to the product data sheet for the complete application list
Please operate it according to the instruction for use of vehicle.