ATF 8800

Automatic Transmission Fluid 自动变速箱油

It is a type of high-quality full-synthetic automatic transmission oil. With the excellent performance, it meets the certification requirements of multiple OEM plants’ oil specifications. It is mainly used for the application site where the GM Dexron VI is required, but also covers multiple specifications of modern vehicle automatic transmission. Formulated with the international leading composite additive technology, it has excellent oxidation resistance, abrasion resistance, 
corrosion resistance and friction improvement performance, providing efficient and stable lubrication viscosity. The unique technology guarantees excellent anti-shake durability. With the longer oil change period, better driving comfort and smoother gear shifting operation, it enables smooth starting and gear shifting without wobble.
是一种优质的全合成自动变速器油。优异性能可满足众多OEM厂油品规格的认证要求。主要用于需要GM Dexron VI的应用场合,但也涵盖了多种现代车辆自动变速器规格。配方采用国际领先的复合添加剂技术,具有优异的抗氧化性能,抗磨损性能,抗腐蚀性能和摩擦改善性能,提供高效稳定的润滑粘度。独特的技术保证油品具有优异的防颤抖耐久性能。更长的换油周期,更好的驾驶舒适性,更平滑的换挡操作, 平顺启动、换挡无顿挫。
Executive standards: Q/TEBOIL 003-2019
Automatic transmissions of cars and cargo trucks such as Mercon  Dexron IIIH IIIG, Ammix ATF D3-SP Honda ATF Z-1 DW-1, Toyota Type T-IV, Autofluid D-II and D-III, JASO M315 Type 1A, Nissan Matic Fluid C, D , J  Hyundai/kia SP-III , BESCO ATF-II  ATF-III 等轿车及载重汽车的自动变速箱。
It fully covers the planetary gear AT with speed grades 3-8.
Please refer to the product data sheet for the complete application list
Please operate it according to the instruction for use of vehicle.